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Α transparent from the sea and the sides towards the city exterior lift but framed by a concrete wall whith both aesthetic and functional roles: it provides an architectural framing of an imposing character to the building and hides the technical mechanisms. We wished for the visitors to perceive an ordinary vertical transfer as an evolving promenade, where moving from the ground and surrounded by the 15 m palm trees, on the way to the upper levels they can experience a changing optical view of the surroundings, or inversely re-land on the ground level of the site. Vertical movement.
A flexible, multifunctional roof, designed so it can be adapted for conferences, weddings and all kinds of events. Technically supported by the adoption of an innovative sound insulation, vibration-absorbing system in order to ensure the hotel guests’ comfort during the above events.The surface of the plan design is broken up only by some translucent walls made with glass blocks where there is an architectural need for functional separations, to organize guest circulation, and filter the panoramic view by concealing sections of it. In this way, they invite the guests to move into the space and progressively discover the final panorama. The concept started with the idea of abstract and confused limits between indoor and outdoor space prolonging human contact with the Mediterranean ambiance. Supporting this idea, even the perimetrical window system was designed to move until completely hidden and so offering different perceptions of the space depending on reflections, on exterior light and weather conditions.
A pool area and the "open" cafe. Floor level was raised, and the front structure was designed in sections to draw the visitor's eye from the interior, along the line above the horizon through the palm branches concealing the car park and local tram lines close to the building. The area was adapted for year-round use by installing a new 350 m2 cover with a dynamic sliding mechanism. 
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Νότια Γαλλία αρχές του αιώνα. Bouches du Rhone, φημισμένη για τα βουνό, την αμπελουργία, τα κρασιά της. Αναπνέοντας τον αέρα του τόπου αυτού, είναι σαν να αναβιώνουμε την λογοτεχνία του Μαρσέλ Πανιόλ. "La Gloire de mon Pere.." Μέσα σε ένα γερασμένο αμπέλι στους πρόποδες της πλαγιάς βρισκόμαστε για να ανακαινίσουμε ένα πέτρινο Cabanon, όπως λεγόταν η αποθήκη του γεωργού, χτισμένη από πέτρες και χώμα. Γκρεμισμένη από τον χρόνο, κάπου εκεί ισορρόπησε η φύση με το έργο του ανθρώπου.
#hotel renovations. Our group, specialized in tourism infrastructures conception and design, and after many years of work in the hotel industry, is able to analyze and offer the ideal architectural solutions for every case and local situation, always compromise between rentability of investment and architectural results. 






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